21 Questions: Paul Thomas

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Paul Thomas from the Royal Melbourne Golf Club faced turfmate’s illustrious 21 Questions and brought us some hilarious answers. See how he handled it all below….

Name: Paul Thomas
Place of work & position:  Assistant Superintendent West Course Royal Melbourne Golf Club.
Family: Wife Tanya, the twins Ruben & Audrey three yrs old and Sebastian three months old.

Favourite food:  Massaman curry and sushi


Favourite movie: Anchorman, Super Troopers
Favourite band: Tea Party and Jeff Buckley

Favourite sporting teams: AFL- Geelong Cats
Favourite sport: Golf and basketball
Hobbies: I have no time anymore!

Favourite drink: Beer- Asahi Super Dry

Places travelled:  Most places in Europe (I lived in the UK for three yrs) and New York. 

Favourite machine you use in your job:  Toro Hydroject

What would make your job easier: Can I say no golfers? haha. Probably if more members used the East Course.

Best turf company in the industry: Brendan and Ado A&M Irrigation- love their work!

If you could invite one person, dead or alive, for a Sunday roast who would it be? Elvis, so I could prove for once and for all he is still alive.

If you had to be a woman for a day who would you be: Melinda Gates

Who’s your turf god? The three superintendents I have worked for in Australia- Rob Bradley, Jim Porter and Richard Forsyth.

What’s been your biggest cock-up? Typing in the wrong osmac code and wetting a group of women on ladies day. 


Funniest moment you’ve had in the workplace: Two rather large staff members having a race around the dam at work, absolute gold! Spielberg could not have directed it better.

What’s your motto: AMOTA “Live the Dream.” No not really, more like enjoy your job or go and do something else.

Who would you turn gay for?  If you were to ask the my mates at work the would probably say anybody who would ask…..