21 Questions: Tim Bunn

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Tim Bunn from Yarra Bend Golf tackles turfmate’s notorious 21 Questions. See how he fared below…

Name: Tim Bunn.

Place of work & position: Superintendent at Yarra Bend Golf.

Family: I’ve got two brothers, a sister, mum, dad, and my partner.

Favourite food: Thai.

Favourite movie: Anything with Adam Sandler.

Favourite band/musician: Bon Iver. I used to play footy down in Phillip Island, so driving down there twice a week Bon Iver was the perfect relaxing soundtrack.


Favourite sporting team:

Favourite sport: AFL.


Hobbies: I fish most weekends, play golf and football, and I play a bit of tennis as well.

Favourite drink: Johnny Walker and Coke.

Places travelled: I’ve been to Fiji twice, Thailand once, and Bali once. But I’m going to Bali again later in the year. I haven’t been to Europe or the US yet, but I’ve been to all the nice beaches and relaxing holidays.

Favourite machine you use in your job:  Our spray unit.

What would make your job easier: Another 20 staff.

Best turf company in the industry: Simplot Partners.

If you could invite one person, dead or alive, for a Sunday roast who would it be? James Hird, he’d have a few stories.

If you had to be a woman for a day who would you be: I don’t know why I’m saying this but probably Oprah.


Who’s your turf god? 
Dean Bailey, he’s at Rosanna Golf Club. I was under him there for 4 years. He’s been the biggest impact and mentor for me.

What’s been your biggest cock-up? I haven’t had too many, but probably putting a work vehicle into a bunker is the worst thing, that’s as bad as it gets.

Funniest moment you’ve had in the workplace: At Rosanna, pulling a 5kg Murray Cod out of the pond, still alive, by hand, because it was too big for the pond.  

What’s your motto: Always stay positive and energetic, striving to reach higher goals.

Who would you turn gay for?  James Hird again.