21 Questions with Bridget Wood

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Don’t let the old saying about watching grass grow fool you, there is plenty happening around the turfmate office! So much so we’ve taken on a new Brisbane writer to help us out. We wanted to get to know our new recruit Bridget a little more, what better way than to ask our 21 Questions?

Name: Bridget Wood
Place of work and position: 
Turfmate, Brisbane Reporter
How long have you been in the industry & background?
I’m fresh to the turf industry so am currently learning the ropes (as well as the fungicides, pesticides, line markings, sprigging etc etc…) When I’m not brushing up on the art of grass I’m busy completing my final year of a Law and Journalism degree.
Family: Mum, Dad, a brother and two sisters. Plus our animals who think they are human and therefore part of the family; Murphy the dog and Gilbert and Sullivan the cats.


Favourite food: Is saying ‘basically everything’ a cop out answer? Look, give me a slow cooked roast lamb dripping in olive oil, lemon and rosemary and I’ll manage to get it down.
Favourite movie: Goodwill Hunting and Bridesmaids to make me laugh.
Favourite band/ artist
: I’m a ‘I like this one song’ not a whole band kind of gal. My music is a bit of EVERYTHING!

Favourite sporting team: I may live in Brisbane but my early years living in Melbourne and potential disinheritance from the will if I supported anyone else means St Kilda is my team.
Favourite sport: Love to play netball and touch and will watch the AFL when the Saints are winning (so, yes, very little AFL has been consumed this year…)

Hobbies: Pina Coladas and long walks in the rain? But really, I love getting down to the beach and cooking up some tasty treats.
Drinker / favourite drink:
A chai tea in the morning is a must. As for the evenings, my time in Peru introduced me to Pisco Sours which are hard to beat!


Places travelled: How long do you have? I think my count is about 38 countries now and all continents except Antarctica! I took the year off last year and spent 6 months living in Ireland and the following 6 months travelling through the US, Mexico and South America. Favourite countries include Portugal, Germany, Russia, Bolivia, Morocco and Mexico.

Favourite machine / equipment used in the workplace: My only equipment for this job is my phone and laptop so I guess they’re pretty great! I did get whisked around a golf course in a golf buggy the other day which was pretty cool!

What would make your job easier? A greater knowledge about turf and all its uses throughout the industry.
Your biggest mistake in the workplace:
Accidentally taping over some of my pre-recorded interviews. Touch wood, nothing too drastic has happened yet!
Personal work motto:
Give it a go and give it your best.
Who has influenced you most professionally?:
I’m a budding current affairs journalist so any wonderful women journalist making a name for themselves; Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabbe, Sarah Koenig and of course Trent Dalton for his genius writing.



Who is your dream date?
My time in Ireland means I can’t go past an Irish accent. Think Chris O’Dowd.
Describe your home garden
: Tropical!
Funniest moment you have had in the workplace:
I always remember working as a waitress when in one a particularly violent storm the kitchen flooded. We were all standing there in shin deep in water whilst the kitchen floated around us. We couldn’t help but laugh.
Who would you turn gay for?
Am I on Rove or turfmate?! Amal Alamuddin

thanks for joining in the fun Bridget! Keep an eye out for Bridget’s work on all the Brisbane-based features.