21 Questions with Jason Hodges

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You might have seen our chat with Jason Hodges from our first Home Newsletter recently. Well, we also asked him turfmate’s infamous 21 Questions to find out a little more about the landscaping funny man!


Name: Jason Hodges

Place of work and position:
Landscape gardener on Better Homes and Gardens, and owner of Greenart Gardens.

How long have you been in the industry? 25 years

Family: My partner Lisa and my kids Heidi and Jack.

Favourite food? Hot Cross Buns at the moment, chocolate bullets and pizza. I’m a fitness guru!

Favourite movie? The Castle

Favourite band/ artist? Troy Cassar-Daley

Favourite sporting team? North Sydney Bears and the Berry Magpies.

Favourite sport? Rugby League


Hobbies: Buxus balls, coffee and country music.  

Drinker / favourite drink: I’ll have a beer at least once a month, as long as it’s cold I’ll take anything!

Favourite place/s travelled:
Vietnam is probably my favourite place I’ve travelled to, for the huge cultural difference and friendly people.

Favourite machine / equipment used in the workplace: Toro Ride On, 55-inch Pro Series Zero Turn.

What would make your job easier? If I could duplicate myself.

Your biggest mistake in the workplace: It’s a funny one, I was working with my Dad, we built a front fence and built the letterbox into the front fence. He told me to put the keys for it inside, and so I put the keys inside the letterbox, but he meant inside the house.

The letterbox was locked. So we ended up having to take the letterbox out to get the keys out. We went home in silence that day!

Personal work motto: For work, it’s to always leave places cleaner than when I got there. So it might just be something simple like taking the client’s bin in.

Just because you’re on a building site, doesn’t mean you don’t clean up after yourself because every other tradesman might be a grub. And making friends rather than clients.

Who has influenced you most professionally? Gavin Rogers, one of the guys from Lawn Solutions Australia is a bloody good man. He’s a good family man and a fantastic businessman, his work and life balance is really good. My Dad and my Mum too, they had good community roots and great work ethic.


Who is your dream date? She’s driving me in the ute right now so I better say my partner Lisa! But if Lisa wasn’t in earshot it might be Jennifer Aniston. They look like twin sisters so it’s ok.

Describe your home garden:
My house was built by the Hordon family that owned the Hordon Pavillion. Anthony Horden used to be a shop in town like Myers or David Jones, and they built the house in 1870 so the gardens are quite formal. Lots of hedges, a big lawn, a couple of water features, a pizza oven. It’s just really nice. I love my garden and I love my lawn.

Funniest moment you have had in the workplace?

When I was younger, me and a mate Dave used to take our dogs to work. We’d be working and the dogs would just be sitting down in the shade doing nothing, and as soon as we sat down for lunch, they’d come and wrestle right in front of us, and it was like half time entertainment.

We’d sit there every day and pretty much commentate the two dogs sort of boxing. What we didn’t realise one day was the family had come home and were standing behind us for about 15 minutes while we were basically imitating the dogs voices if they had one. It was pretty embarrassing, but they were pissing themselves laughing thank god.


What actor would play you in the movie of your life?
It would be a toss up between Brad Pitt, John Travolta. No, probably Shane Jacobsen from Kenny.

I’ve been mistaken for Carl Williams, Shane Jacobsen, Kyle Sandilands- when I got mistaken for him I nearly killed the person – and Warney until he got the face lift. So I think I’m pretty happy being me if they’re my options!

Thanks again Jason for being such a great sport, and for sharing your funny stories!