21 Questions with Martine Smith

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Logos On Grass owner Martine Smith is a jack of all trades – or should we say “Jane”. Last week we caught up with Martine at Box Hill City Oval, and thought – what better way to get to know someone than asking them turfmates infamous 21 Questions?


Name: Martine Smith
Place of work and position:
I’m the owner operator of Logos On Grass all over Victoria, and when I’m not doing that I’m line marking with Richard at Sportslines, and when I’m not doing that I’m working at a Brewery, so a bit of everything!

How long have you been in the industry & background? Six years, before this I was in promotions and hospitality.
Family: Mum, Dad and my brother, and my dog Eddie, he’s an English Staffy.
Favourite food: Anything, I love food and wine, I don’t have a favourite. I’ll give anything a go, I even ate horse when I was in Italy.


Favourite movie: Natural Born Killers
Favourite band/ artist: I love all sorts of music, I’m pretty open.

Favourite sporting team: Geelong
Favourite sport: Footy
Hobbies: Horse riding
Drinker / favourite drink: Yes, absolutely love red wine but I’ll drink anything as well.

Places travelled:
All over the world really; from Egypt, Lebanon, through America, all through Italy, I just did Spain last year, Switzerland, France, England. Then Vanuatu, Thailand and Bali. This year if I can get away I want to go to Machu Picchu and the Amazon.

Favourite machine / equipment used in the workplace: My line marking machine.
What would make your job easier? Not having to bend over all the time, that would save my back.

Your biggest mistake in the workplace: I don’t want to jinx myself, but I haven’t really made a mistake yet. I have done a little mistake in the writing once, but just extended it all to make it all blend in anyway.
Personal work motto: Be a Nike and Just Do It!


Who has influenced you most professionally?: Richard has really with helping me get all this started and helping to get me out here.

Who is your dream date?
Johnny Depp.

Describe your home garden: It’s really pretty. I live on a farm so there’s heaps of green and rolling hills, beautiful trees all around and full of beautiful birds.

Funniest moment you have had in the workplace: Richard squirting black paint in his face. He was trying to fix the sprayer and it’s just squirted in his face, it was black paint – of all colours.


Who would you turn gay for? Madonna.

Thanks for taking part Martine! We’ve heard Johnny is in town filming a new movie! Be sure to check out turfmate’s facebook page, we’ll be putting some of Martine’s work up over the coming weeks!

For more information on Martine’s work email martine@logosongrass.com.au or call 0418 331 272.