21 Questions with Tony Grabovac

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We’re a busy lot at turfmate, and Tony our warehouse foreman keeps the cogs turning and products rolling out! We thought it was time everyone got to know him a little better, so we put Tony through the ringer and got him to answer our infamous 21 questions!

Name: Antonio Grabovac

Place of work and position: Warehouse guy at Turfmate.

How long have you been in the industry & background? Turf industry about 4 months, warehouse industry over 10 years.

Family: No siblings.

Favourite food: KFC or anything with lamb, like a souvlaki.

Favourite movie: Too many to list, but mainly sci-fi.

Favourite band/ artist: Eminem, MetallicA, In This Moment, and many more

Favourite sporting team: Carlton Football Club

Favourite sport: AFL


Hobbies: Playstation 4, Netflix n Chill

Drinker / favourite drink: Ya, Coopers pale ale, Thanks Richard! (he got me a slab, you should too lol)

Places travelled: Bosnia, Croatia, 12 hours at Vienna airport, Straya

Favourite machine / equipment used in the workplace: The coffee machine, except I’m no barista. I’ve been scamming people into making me coffee this whole time haha, thanks guys.

What would make your job easier? More hands, I need to grow another hand or a forklift that starts more often than not lol somethings gotta give here…

Your biggest mistake in the workplace: At a previous workplace some new racking was added and I requested to bolt it down in the concrete, as you do, but was told getting orders out was a higher priority. I come to work one morning the rack is down and someone in hospital…

My mistake was listening to the manager and not bolting it down, I should have at least done it at lunchtime or something I don’t know, bit disturbed now, thanks manager (who will remain unnamed, safety first)

Personal work motto: Go hard or go home, but safety first.

Who has influenced you most professionally?: I would have to say the late Chris Peacock. I learnt a lot from him at my last job over a 10 year period. Top bloke. He will be missed.


Who is your dream date? Samantha Carter (fictional character) from Stargate SG1, smart, attractive, wields a P90, does science. Do you even science bruh? lol

Describe your home garden: I’m renting so the real estate agent takes care of that. Anyone wanna buy a lawnmower? Hardly used, extremely dusty.

Funniest moment you have had in the workplace: And then this one time, at my last job (band camp), Chris Russell was leaning on the forklift and I was like “you got a license to touch that bruh?” and he was like “yeah mate”.

Reached in his pocket and to my surprise pulled out a middle finger. I’m not a good story teller you had to be there, but that was hilarious.

Chris Russell is a talented musician, hard worker and top bloke, check him out: www.chrisrussellschickenwalk.com/

Who would you turn gay for? No one. Ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.

Thank you Antonio for being such a great sport! If you ever stop by the turfmate office, be sure to pop your head into the warehouse and say G’day to Tony, he’s always up for a chat and a laugh!