A chance for clubs to re-invent themselves

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Golf clubs have an opportunity to reinvent themselves as a home-away-from-home in the post-Coronavirus era.

Steven Thielke, Chief Executive Officer at TPC Kuala Lumpur, believes clubs around the region may be best served in the uncertain months ahead by reconsidering their standard operating procedures.

“In the club business, we often talk about that third space that everyone’s battling for – that space between home and work that typically gets won by coffee shops or restaurants (in the city),” said the South African, who expects people to be especially concerned about where they go and what they do when lockdown restrictions are eased in the months ahead.

“Perhaps now the clubs can fight for that space … and be that place in which members and the public will have confidence. Clubs might be able to become that safe and secure environment, that home-away-from-home that we always talk about – that haven of refuge in a world hit by strife.

“It will be a whole new and different world for all of us in the business. It sounds pretty scary, but to some degree I think there could be an upside as well.

“The industry will recover, I’m sure, especially here in Asia. I see a potential upside for clubs if they consider those steps and come to resemble normality and be that place that people go to when they’re looking for normalness.”

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