A force to be reckoned with: the Toro Pro Force debris blower

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The more efficient your debris blower is, the faster you finish the job.

That’s where Toro stands out. From versatile applications to several industry-leading features, a Toro® Pro Force™ debris blower can make a difference in your crew’s productivity.

A debris blower is great for clearing grass clippings, leaves, chaff and other debris from fairways, clubhouse grounds, fence lines, car paths and other paved areas. It’s also good for cleaning up aeration cores, divots and bunker sand.

Brian Goodridge, Toro Equipment Product Manager says : “ There are many other possibilities too, such as drying wet greens or cooling greens during summer heat. With the productivity advantages you gain with a Toro Pro Force debris blower, it’s easy to find dozens of uses for it. We have heard from golf superintendents who use them to quickly clear leaves and debris from bunkers and cricket curators even use it for spot drying wickets”.

The self-contained engine driven debris blower can be towed with a Toro Workman® MD Series or similar utility vehicle or front mounted on a Groundsmaster 360 mower. It uses a high-efficiency turbine to deliver industry-leading air power through a single nozzle to clear turf or pavement.

Goodridge says: “A wireless hand-held remote control lets you start and stop the engine, adjust the throttle and rotate the nozzle 360 degrees, all from the comfort of the driver’s seat, which is a big time-saver”.

A rugged steel frame, heavy-duty adjustable tow hitch and single-piece molded plastic nozzle are designed for heavy professional use and a fully enclosed exhaust system protects operators from potential injuries from the heated area around the muffler.

“The Toro Pro Force debris blower provides greater air volume flow than any single nozzle turbine-type debris blower currently available”, says Goodridge.

See www.toro.com.au for more information.