Abel loses key players

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On Friday February 28th the Directors of goal post and flagpole supplier Abel Sports and Abel Flag terminated their General Manager David Vesely.


Vesely was General Manager of both businesses and is still in shock at the unexpected decision. He remains unaware of the reasoning behind the decision made by the company Directors. 

On the following Monday (March 3rd), John Cann, who has been instrumental in the restructuring and growth of the company over the last few years, withdrew his services as a Consultant.

Cann said it was disappointing to see the efforts Vesely had put into the business go to waste.

He said Abel had great potential with Vesely as General Manager but could not continue his association with Abel, as he believed there would be no management depth to support any future company growth.

Above: Former Consultant John Cann
Right: Former General Manager David Vesely