ADE Turf Equipment welcome the Ransomes HM600 to the family

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As part of the Ransomes Jacobsen dealer network, ADE Turf Equipment are excited to bring the unique Ransomes HM600 flail mower to Australian turf managers and greenkeepers.

Built in collaboration with Müthing, the German experts in flail mowers, the HM600 is designed to tackle even the toughest mowing jobs, but still has the agility to be easily maneuverable.

Tim Coram, the Managing Director of ADE Turf Equipment said that new addition to the range is proving popular with customers.

“The best part about the HM600 is that it’s one-of-a-kind. It is the only mower available in Australia that is a self-propelled wide-area, flail mower,” says Tim.

ADE Turf Equipment have had the mower available since last Christmas, and have received rave reviews from customers like Neil McGrath from Urban Maintenance Systems, who says they couldn’t be happier since the mower joined their existing fleet.


Test driving the Ransomes HM600. This is a beast of a mower to tackle the toughest conditions 💪

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“It has exceeded expectations and has taken the pressure off our existing wide area mowers. It can tackle the longer, thicker grass you tend to find in parks and reserves and overall it has improved our productivity by around 40 per cent each day when cutting these areas,” says Neil.

Having seen it demoed many times, Tim also seconds what Neil has experienced – that the versatility and productivity the HM600 delivers are second-to-none.

 “This mower will do a football field but it can also bush bash, it can mow such a wide range of areas effectively,” says Tim. “And from a safety standpoint it’s absolutely perfect because being a flail mower, it doesn’t flick anything up, like rocks or branches. You can run over a beer bottle and it will just disintegrate into the ground!”

From a technical perspective, Müthing are renowned for their patented mulching technology, which delivers superb mulching capabilities and evenly spread clippings, even across irregularly maintained surfaces. The heavy-duty roller means the after-cut quality of finish on the turf is pristine, no matter how tough the conditions are.

As Tim himself says, “there’s no competition!” 

To find out more, or possibly even get your hands on your very own HM600, visit ADE Turf Equipment’s website.