AGCSA rebrand looks to embrace all of areas of sports turf management

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The Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association has announced that it is to undertake a rebrand in order to represent members across all areas of turf management.

In a communication to members and trade partners, AGCSA advised that the move to become the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association would see the Association “better align itself to be representative of its broad membership base, and of its position as the industry peak-body for turf management in Australia”.

Following a previous communication to members and the turf industry regarding changes to membership categories, the advice explained “the decision to rebrand and simplify the membership categories were made following the evaluation of operations with the Board as part of our annual review as we assess current performance and prepare for the year ahead.

“As was communicated to members, the review highlighted a significant growth in memberships from ‘non-golf’ facilities and areas of the industry over the past three years, to the point where members operating in sports turf management in a facility other than a golf course now make up well over 30% of members.”

Forming part of the review was the assessment of the name Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association, and if it was accurate and representative of the entire membership.

The advice went on to say “when coupled with the significant work undertaken, and amount of requests we as a members association receive for assistance, advocacy, education and a host of other activities, it was felt by the Board that the AGCSA had been representing members across many areas of turf management and initiatives that were not specific to golf – rather all of turf management – for many years.

“After completing a series of reviews, it was agreed by the Board that the brand of Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (AGCSA) was no longer fully representative of all members, nor did it completely reflect the scope of activities we undertake to support turf managers in the profession of managing sport and recreation facilities.

“As an outcome of this review, the Board are excited to announce that the AGCSA will be changing our branding and trading name to become the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association.

“This change to our brand was agreed to be more inclusive of all members, and accurately reflect the Association activities in supporting the industry of all committed Turf Managers who play a critical role in the management of facilities for Sport & Recreation in this country.

“Our team and activities will remain the same and we will be providing the same membership services and benefits on which we have built our reputation as the industry peak-body in Australia, and the Association will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts for memberships, finance, events and the Australian Turfgrass Magazine will remain unchanged.

“The new brand name and Logo for Australian Sports Turf Managers Association have been designed to be more inclusive of all members of the Association.”

The new Association is currently working to update its documents with its new brand, logo and updating its website and social media platforms to reflect this new trading name for the Association.

The communication added “following on from the recent announcement of State Associations aligning as affiliated to the National Body, this branding change will better align activities and strengthen the work that we are able to deliver in supporting the State Associations and their dedicated work around communication, education and training.

“In addition to this, it was felt by the Board that for some months the AGCSA has been undertaking a tremendous amount of work to try and better align all associations to work together in the turf industry. With 27 individual associations currently operating, not only does current structure of so many associations significantly diminish our ability as a profession to advocate effectively for improvements, it also regularly duplicates effort, resources and activities undertaken across the industry every month.”

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