ANZ Stadium redevelopment dumped

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The NSW Government has announced it will be dumping its plan to revamp Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, instead pledging to put the $810 million of savings into fast-tracked infrastructure projects.

Today, she announced the $3 billion acceleration fund to fast-track the state’s infrastructure project, with a focus on what she labelled smaller “shovel-ready” and “screwdriver ready” projects.

She hoped the additional funds — which boosted the state’s economic recovery pipeline from the virus to $100 billion — would inject up to an extra 20,000 jobs across metro and regional NSW.

“We want to put every dollar we have into job creation and into job keeping.”

The Premier said about 220,000 people in NSW have become unemployed amid the “economic devastation” of the coronavirus.

“If we don’t keep building, if we don’t keep creating jobs, we will lose even more jobs,” she said.

ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park.
                                  The ANZ Stadium upgrade was one of the NSW Government’s key issues in last year’s state election.(Twitter: @BAndersonSEN)

The plan to abandon the Sydney Olympic Stadium was met with some derision from the the Western Sydney Chamber of Commerce, who said the region just lost thousands of job opportunities.

“Not doing ANZ stadium, means not spending any money in Western Sydney and it would’ve taken a couple of years to build to pull us out of this recession.”

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