Australian Lawn Concepts leaves Lawn Solutions Australia

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Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) and the Australian Lawn Concepts (ALC) group have parted ways in an announcement made this week.

The mutual decision, which will be completed by mid-January 2018, means the ALC group, including Glenview Turf and CT Lawns, will no longer be able supply the LSA registered turf varieties or use the intellectual property that is part of past and current LSA licence agreements.

LSA thanked the ALC group for being part of the efforts in building the LSA brands in south-east Queensland in the last three years and assured the industry crop expansion by current and any new LSA members would ensure stock and supply levels of LSA registered varieties will be maintained.

In particular, LSA’s Gavin Rogers and Brent Redman thanked ALC’s John Keleher for his individual contributions to LSA, the time he spent on the LSA steering committee and wish the ALC group every success with its current and new business ventures.