Bactivate Case study

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Club: Gordonvale Golf Club
Business: Golf Course
Location: Gordonvale
Area: North QLD
Established: Formed 1950.

Gordonvale Golf Club is situated 20 kms south of Cairns, North Queensland, at the foot of Walsh’s Pyramid and is an 18-hole golf course.
Rob Riggall is the Greens Keeper and has been using The Bactivate Program since May 2016 and used fungicide and insecticide on a monthly basis at the time. Within 6 months of starting on the Bactivate Program, he has found that the use of use fungicide was only needed once, as has insecticide, and these have only been in dramatic climatic conditions experienced in Far North Queensland.

Rob quoted; “I have seen more lateral growth and the fertiliser program seems to be more efficient and the turf seems to hold its colour for longer”.
The dry patch areas have improved in their recovery time and recovery is quicker after renovation. Within nine months,over $6000.00 has been saved on extra fertiliser inputs and chemicals. This also equates to six hours a month of labour, and this time can now be used for other improvements.”

“Club members and players are saying the greens are fantastic and the balls roll great, happy with the greens recovery time too”