Balgowlah faces uncertain future

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Balgowlah Golf Club president Bill Colwell hasn’t been told if, or when, his golf course will be entirely swallowed up as a construction site for a motorway planned for Sydney’s northern suburbs.

But he vowed it will be “business as usual” for the club despite the Berejiklian government’s ambition to start work on the Beaches Link motorway and Western Harbour Tunnel within two years of the March election.

Balgowlah Golf Club president Bill Colwell says it will be "business as usual" as uncertainty around the club's future continues.

Project updates for the so-called Western Harbour Tunnel between Rozelle and North Sydney, and the Beaches Link motorway between Cammeray and Seaforth and Balgowlah, have revealed plans to use all of Balgowlah’s golf course during construction.

Construction on both projects will start in 2020-21, with the roads to open in 2025-26, according to “cabinet sensitive” plans published by Fairfax Media this week.

“We’ve been told, ‘When the tunnel goes ahead, the golf club will be impacted but we can’t tell you to what extent’,” Mr Colwell said.

“It’s the uncertainty of it. Will it go ahead, when will it go ahead, if Labor wins [the election] will it be cancelled altogether?”

The updates, dated May 2018, say part of the Balgowlah course will later be turned into sporting fields, however a new link road would also run through what is now a nine-hole golf course.

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