Budget blow out for Townsville Stadium

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Townsville’s new stadium is running over budget by tens of millions of dollars.

9NEWS understands the stadium’s $250 million price tag has blown out to $300 million.

While some have blamed industrial action by the CFMEU, the trade union denies it’s to blame and has pointed the finger at construction company Watpac.

Construction underway at the North Queensland Stadium site. (9NEWS)

“The spotlight needs to be turned on Watpac, and inexperienced subcontractors who have never worked on a project of this size and complexity before,” Mr Ravbar said.

“Workers are being pushed to put in 14 hours days in an attempt to compensate for what has been woefully inept management of this project.

“To turn around and blame workers for delays – in an environment where numerous major safety concerns have been identified – is as unfair as it is cowardly.”

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