Campaign to save Victoria Park golf course

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Two Brisbane golfers are fighting to save Victoria Park golf course after Brisbane City Council announced plans to redevelop it to make way for a public park.

Alan Staines and Steve Richardson from YouTube channel Aussie Golf Reviewer started the petition urging people to get behind their campaign to save the complex.

“There are plenty of ways to reduce costs, increase public green space and keep the golf course,” the petition says.

They urged the council and Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner to consult the public and produce a world-class win-win for all inner-city residents.

Mr Richardson said Victoria Park is unique compared to many golf courses around the world.

“It has that great view of the city, it’s been there for a long time. There’s not a lot of golf courses that close to the centre of a major city and I think that’s why it’s such a shame to see it go,” he said.

“I do understand that parkland would open it up for a lot of other people, but I think there’s a lot more they could do with Vic Park. They could leave the driving range, putt-putt and nine holes of that course that overlook the city, and on the other side, they would still have plenty of land to turn into barbecue areas, kids’ playgrounds, parks. You could have the best of both.”

Mr Richardson said comparatively high costs to play there may also have contributed to keeping people away from the course.

Brisbane’s Victoria Park golf course will be transformed.

“They don’t have any membership there or competitions there as such which would make more people use the course. I just think there’s a lot of stuff you could do,” he said.

“One of the other suggestions is to keep the nine holes and put lights on it. It would look superb at night. I just think there’s a lot they could do rather than just rip it down.”

Brisbane City Council has allocated $1 million to the project that will begin in 2021 when the existing golf course will be permanently closed.

Cr Schrinner has said council will work with the current tenants to ensure the driving range, putt-putt course, wedding venue and function centre are part of the new parkland.

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