City Memorial Bowls Club phenomenal new greens

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Lester and Aussie team coach Steve Glasson played a significant role in the opening ceremony for the Warrnambool club’s new facilities

The upgrade includes a roof over two new greens and electronic scoreboards.

“It’s a really good surface, it’s really true, runs at a really good pace and it’s really conducive to good play,” Lester said.

“I’m sure the members and all the visitors that get to play on this surface in years to come will really enjoy first-class, world-level facilities.”

Warrnambool Standard Steve Glasson and Barrie Lester Australian coach and bowler at City Memorial

Glasson added the possibilities were endless for the club with its new “world-class” facilities.

“It’s fair to say that in the cooler months, it can be a little bit harsh here (in Warrnambool) if you’re outdoors,” he said.

“So they’ve rectified that problem straight away.

“They’ve got heating systems in and all sorts of stuff.”

The national coach said he’d already heard positive feedback about the upgrade.

“I’ve already heard some of the locals saying they are going to struggle to get a game because it’s that popular already,” he said.

Australian bowler Barrie Lester rolls up on the new greens. His coach Steve Glasson stands behind him with his head in his hand. It was a humorous exhibition match. Picture: Mark Witte

The club’s general manager Julie Dosser said she was thrilled with the upgrade.

“I’m very, very pleased and can’t believe that it’s finally here actually,” she said.

Dosser has likewise heard positive feedback about the new facilities.

“I think people are just so surprised at how well it’s all come together.

“And it looks amazing.”

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