Cut & Rolled November edition

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Tough start to the season: Where is SPRING?

Is it just me or has spring not arrived… I know many of us who manage tifdwarf greens are still waiting for them to kick into some regular growth.

With September and October setting records for rain fall and lack of warmth, most greens are just not growing, from some reports even bent greens aren’t moving along either.

This does make it quite difficult at times with no recovery from wear and tear from the bowler. One positive is with the lack of growth green speeds are up.

Our VGA Calendar is in this newsletter with all our events for 2017 and their venues, Please keep an eye out what we have planned and it would be great to see as many in attendance as possible at each day.

This year sees plenty of new sponsors joining the Association, without their support we wouldn’t be able to run some of our best events over the year. Please make sure that you support all of our sponsors.

Federation Week information packs have now been sent out, if you didn’t receive one please let us know. There is quite a lot of info in these and we hope that people will take the time to read it and then register to attend what is the largest week in the greenkeepers’ calendar.

If you have any queries on this week please call Dyson 0411629564

The FINAL CUTOFF DATE for registration will be announced shortly Lets get a large team together and represent Victoria with pride.

Good luck heading into renovations for the couch boys and catch you all soon.

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