Dint Golf Solutions introduce new wastewater treatment solutions

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Dint Golf Solutions have a long history of golf engineering in the Australian industry.  

Their new range of wastewater treatment solutions are the latest in the vast range of innovative products and solutions they offer to their customers. Dint have experienced massive growth over the past 12 months. In addition to this new range, they’ve appointed Christoph Lampe at Xpackt as their exclusive distributor in New Zealand. They have also secured national distribution for the GreensGroomer and British Manufacturing Solutions.

We caught up with Adam Dinte, from Dint Golf Solutions to find out more about wastewater treatment solutions. 

turfmate: Can you tell me about Dint’s new range of water treatment wash down bay packages?

Adam Dinte: “We actually have two new options in this range, which cater not only to golf course washdown facilities but also racecourse and sportsfield maintenance facilities. Depending on what the customer requires, we have the ability to recycle the wastewater for re-use or discharge it to sewage. Both of these options can be customised to suit any washdown bay.”

TM: Why did Dint decide to introduce this range? What makes it unique?

AD: “We are often asked by our customers if we can supply them with water treatment options or point them in the right direction, so we have wanted to enter this space for a while but hadn’t found the right partner.  

“It was important to us that we found an Australian manufacturer that had proven experience with water treatment options. We connected with Enviro H20 and are now the exclusive supplier for their range of water treatment options in the Australian sports turf industry.

“This water treatment system does not use microbes to treat water before it is either recycled or discharged. While you’ll get the same results as you would from an ordinary treatment, it will save customers a lot of money and stress.

“The facilities come either containerised or on a moveable skid on a truck, so installation is simple and it can be done very quickly. The systems are 100% Australian designed, developed and made.”

Enviro H20 has provided solutions for the wastewater industry in Australia for more than a decade. They recently installed wash bays for clients including Kennards Hire, The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Iluka. Through the partnership, Adam says they aim to build packaged water management solutions to help their clients reduce water costs, plus meet their environmental and trade waste requirements.

Dint is the exclusive supplier for Enviro H20 in the Australian sport turf industry. Nicholas Douglas is Dint’s water treatment specialist who can discuss your facilities water treatment options and solutions. Nick can be contacted anytime on 0424297563 or via email at nick@dint.com.au