Enhance Your Lawn Without the Manual Work

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Taking the hassle out of mowing the lawn with cutting edge technology, the new and improved WORX Landroid Robotic Mower will give you a manicured lawn without the manual work.

For refined accuracy and safety no manual mower could achieve, the Landroid removes the guesswork from mowing the lawn.

WORX Landroid automatically knows what’s best for your lawn and is able to fine tune mowing cycles based on your needs.The intuitive machine can determine the:

  • Size of lawn – by patrolling the border of your lawn and calculating the area to mow.
  • Soil composition – to detect which soils retain water and which favour drainage.
  • Temperature and grass species – to ensure the grass is cut at the right time based on growth rate and seasonality.

Inside tip: Connected Landroid robot mowers receive pin point climate information – rainfall, temperature, sunlight and weather forecast from your nearest weather station!

Landroid’s powerful cloud computing system combines all this data and builds a specialised algorithm that’s delivered to each individual Landroid on a daily basis. It’s this degree of customization that gives you the perfect lawn every single time.

The patented Cut-To-Edge blade design ensures that only a narrow strip of uncut grass remains, reducing the amount of trimming needed. Gliding through intricate passages other robotic mowers can’t, the Landroid’s AIA Intelligent navigation finds the quickest, most efficient way to mow your lawn. Not to mention, the Landroid’s daily mowing boosts grass density and prevents the propagation of weeds for a healthier, cleaner lawn.

For optimal convenience, the Landroid App gives you the freedom to operate your mower from anywhere at anytime, meaning the Landroid can work around your schedule. As an integral part of your lawn care system, the app also provides key information to improve performance and efficiency.

If you need a little extra tailoring to perfect your lawn, WORX’s Landroid has 5 unique add-ons. Ideal for larger properties, the Radio Link gives you the ability to extend your WiFi connection by up to 1km, so your Landroid is always connected. For effortless activation, Voice Control capability can eliminate all manual operation, even without a smartphone. Additionally, for peace of mind while your Landroid is hard at work, use the Find My Landroid SIM card accessory to track and lock your mower without WiFi connection – safeguarding your machine day and night.

Are you tired of paying for batteries you don’t need? The Landroid makes it simple with Worx PowerShare, allowing you to use the same battery with any Worx cordless DIY and Garden tool.

Furthermore, with kid’s toys, summer equipment and gardening projects often used in the yard, the Landroid may need a few extra boundaries. The Off Limits accessory is perfect for creating temporary or separate boundaries from the main wire. Similarly, the ACS Anti-Collision System can intelligently identify and maneuver around any obstacles, so you can be sure your Landroid trims the lawn and nothing else.

With a discrete side charger and open grid below for grass to grow through, the charging station will blend effortlessly into the rest of your garden. Not to mention, the all new Landroid Garage cover ensures extra protection for your mower against harsh weather conditions.

Easy to install garage simply screws onto Landroid’s charging base

Available in a range of sizes and capabilities, the re-designed WORX Landroid Robotic Mower can be configured to suit any yard big or small. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the Landroid keep your lawn in top shape.

Landroid 500m2 RRP – $1499

Landroid 1000m2 RRP – $1799

Landroid 1500m2 RRP – $2199

Available at all leading online retailers or visit worx.com