Fallout hits Cricket NSW

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian has faced opposition from Labor over her plan to bulldoze and rebuild Allianz Stadium at Moore Park and ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park.

It is understood Cricket NSW was informed this week of a ­“design change” in the Allianz project that meant ­despite “repeated assurances” its headquarters would remain intact, it now faces demolition.

Training facilities used by the NSW shield team and Australian Test team will also go.

The news is believed to have been delivered by the government’s Infrastructure NSW department and the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust.

The plans are being implemented despite opposition from Labor leader Luke Foley.

Cricket NSW chief executive Andrew Jones declined to ­comment.

A spokesman for Sport Minister Stuart Ayres said: “The ­delivery of a modern stadium on a tight footprint of land administered by Sydney Cricket Ground and Sports Ground Trust will cause disruption to existing ­tenants. Infrastructure NSW and SCG Trust will work with each of those tenants to minimise disruption wherever possible and assist in finding alternative ­accommodation.”

The $2.5bn stadiums cost includes more than $300m the government has spent on a new stadium at Parramatta; $200m spent on an ANZ Stadium buyback; $1.25bn on the new ANZ Stadium; and $705m on Allianz.

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