Final of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad blog

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After 162 days away from home, I have finished my internship with Arsenal Football Club and Campey Turf Care Systems.

It has been a great pleasure being able to work for both of these companies. I have learnt things, obtained information and met many people in my time here.

I am going home with more knowledge than when I left. I am wiser to the practices of the British and European Turf Industry. I have seen things that I wouldn’t have in Australia, that is mainly due to the climates being completely different. I have been taught the British way of life.

At Arsenal’s Training Ground in London Colney I find that the phrase practice makes perfect and concentration are two very important factors. There is nothing but quality and continual perseverance from the men I work with at the training ground. Each and every one of them understand and know that there is a certain standard and expectation that is to be met and take great pride in their work. I find that having these expectations among us not only help with the quality of work but give the guys something to constantly strive towards.

You will often find at Arsenal that we get rotated through jobs daily and weekly. The work schedule is well planned and executed accordingly. As an intern and somebody who was new to the team and environment I often found myself being rotated through similar jobs. However, if you are capable of showing your ability to concentrate and complete tasks continuously at the high standard that is expected, you are likely to be given an opportunity to prove yourself in other areas over time.

I won’t pretend that I am perfect because I am far from it, however, with the amount of time I have  recently had on a triples mower I can say that I am becoming more confident in the use of one and my ability to concentrate for an entire day has certainly improved. I have also had many hours on a Dennis Premier Cylinder Mower. On a good pitch where there is little pull they are wonderful, on a pitch that has a lot of pull in it, they can be a little more difficult to handle. Since they are so heavy they can require some great strength in the core and arms to ensure you get that nice straight cut.

The last 6 months have certainly been character building and educational for me and I am glad such an opportunity was available. Overall the experience has been amazing, seeing many countries and experiencing a lot of the UK.

I am grateful to all those who have made this opportunity possible and I cannot thank you all enough for making it happen.

Thank you to turfmate for publishing these articles for me while I have been away and getting them out there for those in the Australian Turf Industry to read. I hope those following have enjoyed reading the articles.

From all of us at turfmate, we wish Sam all the best in the future and we will certainly miss her great stories!