Garran Oval to be home of temporary COVID-19 Emergency Department (ED)

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The ACT Government will build its temporary COVID-19 Emergency Department (ED) on Garran Oval, adjacent to the Canberra Hospital.

The location has been selected to mitigate any interruptions to the Canberra Hospital operations through this critical period.

It provides flexibility for the facility to have adequate area available for logistics and essential equipment servicing the facility. The facility is intended to be fully self-sufficient by way of public and staff car parking and amenities.

The ACT Government, along with partners Aspen Medical, will commence site investigation for the temporary ED over the coming days to inform final design and site layout. Construction will begin shortly after.

Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith said the ACT Government has been working closely with experts across both the health and construction sectors to ensure the facility could be constructed quickly and would meet the anticipated demand for health care in the months to come.

“We have been consulting with representatives from the World Health Organisation, as well as local and other international clinical experts as we work through the early designs,” said Minister Stephen-Smith.

“Though the designs aren’t yet finalised, we are moving as quickly as possible to plan, design and deliver this new facility, and ensure we are well-equipped to cope with the anticipated increased demand on our health care system.”

“In moving ahead quickly on this project, the government is planning for the worst scenario whilst hoping for the best outcome for our community. We will continue to take decisive action during these uncertain times to make sure we’re as ahead of the game as we can be.”

“We anticipate the temporary facility will be operational in May. As further detail is finalised, we will keep the community informed about the model of care and the operation of the facility, including who should use it and when.”

The ACT Government is investing $23 million to build, equip and operate the temporary ED.

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