Gearwrench Forge Ahead With New Logo, Packaging and Products

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Gearwrench is proud to announce their new branding, including a new logo with ‘Forge Ahead’ tagline, as well as reinvigorated packaging.

Users can still expect the same great product across existing lines, as well as a suite of new products that are to be launched in 2018.

Gearwrench has updated their branding to keep it contemporary, relevant, and engaging to Australian Mechanics – retailers and consumers can expect new packaging to appear as early as May.

Despite only being a part of the Australian hand-tool market for 7 years, the new kid on the block GearWrench has entrenched themselves and grown their market share at a rapid pace thanks to their tireless innovation, in particular, their industry unrivalled 120 teeth ratchets.

Gearwrench Australia Marketing Head, Kristin Viccars says that Australian tradespeople have a longstanding trust in the brand and that the call to invest further in Gearwrench was an easy one to make;

“We recently actioned a major overhaul of the GEARWRENCH website, including a more modern UX design for simple and hassle-free navigation through GEARWRENCH vast range of products – the next logical step for us was to update the packaging and logo. Our intention for this rebrand is to ensure the longevity of the GEARWRENCH brand as we continue to Forge Ahead with our customers. This, and ensuring both retailer and consumer are aware that we believe in the brand, something we show via our continued investment in GEARWRENCH.”

Also launching in 2018 is a suite of new Gearwrench products, ranging from the Matt Black 30-inch 6 drawer Tool Trolley, complete with stainless steel workbench, to the brand new 2 PC. 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive 120XP™ Extra Long Handle Teardrop Ratchet Set.

“Not only are we continuing to invest in the tools themselves, our ongoing and winning partnership with Red Bull Holden Racing Team continues to position Gearwrench in high-performance situations – the team won the championship last year, which was a major plus,” Kristin added.

Gearwrench assures retailers of a seamless integration of newly packaged product and all existing products. On top of this, there will be no changes to existing model numbers, to ensure a smooth transition phase.

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