Sir Walter DNA Certified announced its major sponsorship of the Movember Foundation at their 20th Birthday Event this week.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified celebrates 20-­years since its launch in Australia now boasting a massive 70 million square metres sold and around a million Aussie Backyards sporting a Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo lawn.

Birthday Celebrations have already started and the major launch event kicked off yesterday at Sydney’s Darling Harbour with well known
Aussie Celebrities on hand to help out.

Sir Walter DNA Certified also announced its major sponsorship this year of the Movember Foundation, with Sir Walter Turfgrowers,
their staff and supporters encouraged to help in the campaign.

Mowing is something that turfgrowers are fairly familiar with, but this November we’re looking at getting Sir Walter DNA Certified turfgrowers involved with a different type of Mo and help in support the Movember Foundation at the same time.

Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn – Sir Walter DNA Certified is turning 20 years old this month and Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA)
has got a few things planned to help celebrate such a terrific milestone.

The birthday campaign has kicked into gear already, with backyard renovation competitions started on national radio, a major launch event yesterday at Sydney’s Darling Harbour and the announcement of Sir Walter DNA Certified’s major sponsorship of the Movember Foundation
this year.

Sir Walter DNA Certified sees strong parallels with this new charity partner, that has grown from a small base to a national phenomenon in a relatively short space of time.

It’s a great fit for both organisations and apart from the financial support we’re looking to help encourage men to get involved in healthy choices; getting outside and active along the way.

There’s a like-­‐minded story to tell with Sir Walter growers being out there day to day selling a clean green outdoor activity message and much of Movember’s work involving in the main; young men.

Good looking lawns and green space are well-­‐known for their mental-­‐health-­‐benefits; and this new Sir Walter DNA Certified and Movember link is a great opportunity to help get this message out and get guys active outside.

Take the opportunity now to round up a few MoBro’s and MoSista’s from your farm or workplace and get a crew together to help raise
much needed funds for this worthwhile cause.

Head on over to the Movember website and see how simple it is to sign up to help out – we’re looking for some great Sir Walter Mo candidates to take up the challenge.

Jump on social media and spread the word of Sir Walter’s involvement, and Sir Walter DNA Certified growers can feel free to use the Movember logos to help with their support during this campaign.

There’s only a few days ‘til November so hurry and jump on board now get your team really Mo‐ing in Movember and if there’s any more information you require see the details below.

Join up now at the Movember Foundation: