Golf back in Victoria

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Victoria is the only state in the country not allowing its residents to play golf – soon that will all change.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that from Wednesday, all Victorians will once again be able to get back out on the greens at their local golf course.

“From 12:59 PM tomorrow night groups of 10, no more than 10, will be able to participate in outdoor activities, sports activities, recreational activities,” Andrews said.

“Whether it be hiking, fishing, playing golf, going for a walk, kicking a footy.

“No more than 10 (will be allowed to participate), and there will be physical distancing and hygiene arrangements, common sense basically.

“The rules that have been in place to this point remain in place.”

Andrews confirmed clubhouses will remain closed under ongoing rules restricting gatherings and restaurants.

“You might be able to play golf, but there won’t be rakes in the bunkers, people won’t be milling around the clubhouse and it will be shut – the list goes on,” he said.

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