Golf T20 Tournament

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First it was cricket, then AFL — now golf will be the latest sport to embrace a shorter, faster game.

Organisers of a new “elimination shootout” series in Cairns said Sunday’s trial of the new format at Cairns Golf Club was “a huge success”.

“Golf tournaments can go quite long, so we wanted to have a tournament that could be a day event,” said Cairns Golf Club member Dave Cameron, who co-organised the event with fellow member Frank Power.

ON COURSE: Event organiser and Cairns Golf Club member Dave Cameron competes in Sunday’s “elimination shootout” trial at the Cairns Golf Club. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE

“We started in the afternoon because of the morning competition, so it actually only took half a day.”

He said 20 golfers, including Cairns PGA professional Brie Webb, took part.

Although the trial was open to A-graders only, Cameron said the plan would be to push that out to include all grades.

“We might manipulate the format a bit because we don’t want it to become an invite-only, boys-club tournament,” he said.

“In order to appeal to golfers right across the region, the format will need to be monitored and finalised by the club.”

Cameron said the elimination shootout provided a “shorter, faster and more ­involved” version of the game.

“If there were any tied holes we had a shootout to see who would advance,” he said.

“At one stage we had six golfers having a 100m nearest-the-pin shootout, which was really exciting for the crowd.”

SHOT: Cairns Golf Club member Heath Kapoor competes in Sunday’s “elimination shootout” trial at the Cairns Golf Club. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE

In the elimination shootout format on Sunday, the 20 golfers played nine holes, after which 10 were eliminated.

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