Green vandalised at Mudgee Golf Club

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Employees at the Mudgee Golf Club arrived at the weekend to find that it had been vandalised, mirroring a similar incident that occurred on the same hole in 2012.

Some of the damage to the fifth green at Mudgee Golf Course. Photo: Supplied

In addition to turf damage, flags often go missing too.

“So I think this is probably the third time we’ve had to order in new flags to replace the ones that were stolen,” Emily said.

“With the fifth green being vandalised, it’s bad for the golfers, we’ve got our open here next weekend,”

The damage has been temporarily repaired.

The damage has been temporarily repaired.

“The greens staff do so much to get it looking good especially with the drought. It’s just a kick in the guts for them,”

“There will probably be a few more instances of theft this summer.”

Because there are so many entry points to the course, it’s too big to monitor every part of the course.

“Honestly, it’s fine to walk through and take a shortcut, but have some respect and don’t damage what isn’t yours.”

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