Growing A Vertical Garden at Home

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Your indoor or outdoor space needn’t be relegated to a few pot plants, lush vertical gardens are a growing trend. Over the past few years you’re likely to have seen them in hotel lobbies, workplaces, and even airport terminals.

Perfect for smaller properties such as a home with a small courtyard or an apartment balcony, vertical gardens offer the opportunity for a garden where it might otherwise be difficult to grow plants. They can even be placed inside like a living art installation.

What’s more, vertical gardens offer a healthy environment as they filter air by absorbing and cleaning pollutants with this natural effect multiplied by the sheer number of plants.

Make it easy

You can get creative and construct your own vertical garden out of timber and guttering or purchase a DIY kit using a system of bags or pots with panels and a water supply network.

Which plants to choose

Vertical gardens can be planted with a variety of different plants, in either random arrangements or particular patterns. Fruit, veggies and herbs are a smart option if you’re interested in growing your own produce and flowering plants can add colour and fragrance to your home. Nurseries can advise on the best types of plants to use depending on the location, climate and light source. We love the look of the succulent vertical garden above, the added bonus, no need to water as much.

A lot of care needs to be given to keep the vertical garden in optimum condition and looking its best, it’s worth it – it will be a rewarding experience to watch the garden thrive.

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