Growing Native Australian plants

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Native Australian plants appear to be the up-and-coming plant trend of 2020, and according to data obtained by Plant Life Balance, Australian gardeners are buying more natives now than ever. In fact, one in four Australians purchased a native plant in the past 12 months.

Horticulturalist Narelle Happ from A Garden For Life says there are plants to suit every type of garden.

“There are native plants to suit every garden style from edible, formal, cottage to natural bushscape. Nurseries and plant breeders have been selecting native plants that are lower maintenance, better suited to gardens and better performing, so there really is something for every garden.”

“Natives are incredibly important for encouraging biodiversity, serving as wildlife corridors for birds, reptiles and mammals, and providing ora for insects and bees, which pollinate the plants. Native plants are also much better at coping in our challenging climate, in comparison to exotic species that often require a lot of water. Better yet, hardly any Australian native plants need to be sprayed for pests and disease.”

Native plants for colour

  • Kangaroo paw
  • Australian daisy

Edible natives

  • Finger lime
  • Waarigal greens

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