Half Moon Bays surprise tourist attraction

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A croc that has taken up residence at a Cairns golf club has proved a popular talking point for visiting Great Barrier Reef Masters Games golfers.

The roughly three metre long saltie was photographed sunning itself on the shores of a lake at the third hole off the fairway at the Half Moon Bay Golf course.

Course manager Greg Ferry said the Department of Environment and Science has been trying to trap the croc since it moved in a couple of months ago.

GBR Masters – golf at Half Moon Bay on Saturday. The resident croc watching the golfers playing the 3rd. PICTURE: STEWART MCLEAN

“So far he hasn’t taken the bait yet,“ he said.

“Instead ducks have been taking the bait, then the croc feeds on the ducks!”

Half Moon Bay Golf Club is hosting golfers from all over Australia and New Zealand for the Masters Games.

Mr Ferry said the croc has become a talking point for visitors around the course.

“A few of them have been nervous, but it’s also getting a lot of comment,” he said.

“It’s not often you get to tee off with a croc sitting 15 metres away.”

Source, Image & More: https://www.cairnspost.com.au/