Head Start Program

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The Victorian Department of Education and Training is currently calling for expressions of interest from employees who would consider taking part in the initial roll out of the Head Start programme. 

Head Start provides increased flexibility in training.  This new model of school-based training aims to provide students with the opportunity to over a 3 year period complete both a certificate III and their VCE.  They will also undertake workplace training with employers who would usually hire traditional apprentices.

Head Start is targeted at priority industries, offering students the ability to experience a trade and gain valuable on the job experience while completing their VCE.  This will deliver employees with a higher level of learning into industry

Starting in 2019, the Victorian Government has budgeted $50 million and has committed to provide 1,700 apprenticeships and traineeships in 100 secondary schools.

Certificate III in Sportsturf Management is included in the Head Start programme.  Industry associations have been asked to forward to the department any employers they believe would be interested in being part of the initial launch of this initiative.

If you are considering engaging an apprentice or trainee and would consider using the Head Start model, please email your industry association by Thursday, 4 October 2018

AGCSA – simone@agcsa.com.au

STA Victoria: – vic@sportsturf.asn.au