Heathcote Primary School receive grant for new oval

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Heathcote Primary School kids will finally have an oval worth playing on after the school secured $20,000 in federal funding.

Currently the oval is in a barely passable state: rocky, uneven, and patchy.

In the centre exists a ditch, created after the school’s concrete cricket pitch was dug out for being unsafe.

The $20,000 will go towards bringing in soil to level the oval, re-seeding the area and putting in working irrigation.

Principal Kate Ballantyne said students had been wanting the oval fixed for several years.

“When I announced we got the money at the school assembly there was a big cheer,” Ms Ballantyne said.

The oval’s current sprinkler system has been unusable since its installation.

Ms Ballantyne said the pump that ran the system was not strong enough to do its job and the sprinklers watered in a “patchy” pattern.

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters was the one who suggested the school apply for funding.

“I’m really proud to announce the school has received $20,000 from our school grants program to help connect the water tanks to the oval, to ensure this oval has grass for the kids to play on, sit on and have outdoor learning,” Ms Chesters said.

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