Heavy-Duty Self-Propelled mower

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Landscape maintenance is hard work, so you need equipment that works hard too.

The 21 inch (53 cm) heavy duty commercial walk behind lawn mower delivers the performance Toro is known for and has the features to help get more jobs done. 

Elise Willemsen, Toro’s Senior Marketing Manager Equipment says:
“This mower is designed for durability. The deck is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.  Replaceable steel wear plates protect against bottom and side impacts. All cables are protected with a steel cable guard mounted to the handle bar. A tubular engine guard is attached to the front of the deck for tackling the toughest conditions. This mower has everything you want in a heavy-duty walk behind.”

The mower features a unique, tapered deck design with a generous discharge tunnel that promotes superior airflow and maximum suction.

For the best productivity, Toro has included a premium commercial-grade Kawasaki engine, a 3.8 litre fuel tank, Recycler cutting deck and a large, easy-empty bagging system should you choose to use this. Clippings are efficiently fed and densely packed into the large, commercially reinforced, easy-dump bag.

The Spin-Stop™ System allows the operator to disengage the mower’s blades without shutting down the engine. This is ideal in bagging situations when you need to empty the bag or to pick up an obstacle that is in your path.

Commercial-Grade wheels made of tough co-polymer feature precision ball bearings for long life with less downtime and lower replacement costs. These large 9″ x 2″ wheels also provide a light footprint that is easy on the turf.

Please visit www.toro.com.au to locate your nearest certified Toro Homeowner or Professional Mowers dealer.