Impact of North East Link on golf course and sporting grounds

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Manningham Council has teed off at a bold proposal from its Boroondara counterpart to expand its golf course into Bulleen Park.

Multiple holes on the Freeway Golf Course in Balwyn North are set to be removed in design plans from the North East Link Authority, and the Boroondara Tennis Centre will be replaced by a park.

The proposal from Boroondara would install holes from the golf course on Manningham land in Bulleen Park.

Sporting grounds in Bulleen Park are under threat. Picture: Hamish Blair

The tennis centre would then be relocated onto land currently occupied by the course. Both the centre and golf course are owned by Boroondara Council.

Former Manningham mayor Andrew Conlon said his council didn’t want to lose any of its open space and it had concerns for sporting clubs in the park, including the Bulleen Lions, which is run by the Veneto Club.

“There are currently five golf courses within 10km of Bulleen Park. We want to know why Boroondara Council thinks that golf, a fee-paying sport already well catered for in the region, should be prioritised over our community’s needs,” he said. “We want to make sure that we don’t lose any open space as a minimum and ideally we gain open space.”

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