‘Joint Co-operation Agreement’ for Commonwealth and Yarra Yarra GC

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Commonwealth and Yarra Yarra Golf Clubs have announced the signing of a ‘Joint Co-operation Agreement’ to facilitate the investigation of opportunities for closer collaboration with each other.

In a statement by the club, the objectives of the agreement were to “improve the membership offerings currently enjoyed by members of each Club; and to explore potential cost benefits and improved efficiencies associated with the provision of membership facilities and services.”

“In executing this agreement, each club is in a position of strength, with renowned Sandbelt golf courses, strong financial positions and full membership lists. Our respective clubs are and will remain successful, vibrant and independent entities. At the same time, we recognise that there is mutual upside if synergies can be realised,” the statement said.

Source, Image & More: https://www.insidegolf.com.au/