Kerb-Appeal with ColourGuard

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Dressing-up the front yard before listing for sale, this home-owner looked to adding some kerb-appeal to their property with a ColourGuard instant lawn-transformation recently.

ColourGuard has been hailed as an ‘instant restorer’ when it comes to sprucing up the home lawn – especially when getting homes ready for sale.


An innovative new product, ColourGuard has been recently released to the market by lawn specialists Lawn Solutions Australia.

Often described as ‘lawn-painting’, ColourGuard is not a paint, but a carefully refined and blended mix of natural plant-based pigments that get absorbed by the grass-leaf to give the entire lawn a lush, dark-green yet still natural-looking appearance.

Drought-affected, frost-damaged and dormant lawns can be still functional yet unsightly and for a quick repair that will keep the colour for months a Colourguard application can instantly change the appearance to a healthier look.

And there are lasting advantages of applying at this time of the year with reports that the lawn, no matter which variety, will actually take up more heat in the lowering light of autumn and help it maintain some growth for a few more weeks into winter.

This can be ideal in a number of circumstances where an instant-green transformation is required with parties, weddings and house-sales becoming the frontrunners for a ColourGuard makeover.

Recent surveys attest to the fact that enhancing ‘kerb-appeal’ is one of the biggest factors in getting the best price for newly-listed properties.


Poor first impressions can slash sales values significantly and according to recent research, house sellers are losing up to 15 to 20 percent of the value on average if a property lacks that kerb appeal.

The survey findings released in April this year from comparison website,, suggests that nine-out-of-10 Australians would offer below a property’s asking price if the exterior was not appealing – with house hunters offering 17 percent on-average below the asking price, if dissatisfied with the property from the outside.

Corroborating these survey results was another study carried out for Barclays Mortgages in the UK which found that about 44 per cent of buyers would try to knock between 10 to 20 percent off a property’s asking price if it looked unappealing from the street.

The survey of some 2,000 homeowners found that people typically take just 10 seconds to decide whether they like a property from the outside. Top turn-offs include poorly-maintained appearance with a scruffy garden and unkempt lawn the easiest things that can be addressed to turn things around.

Tips to come from the reports included a number of ‘quick-fixes’ that can have significant effect on first impressions:

– Attention to detail was a recurring theme and touching-up any cracked or peeling paint around windows or fascias and sparkling-clean windows was high on the list.

– Sprucing up the garden was also seen as a priority with the majority leaning towards it looking neat-and- tidy.

– Pull out any weeds and refresh any mulch in garden beds and trim hedges, or untidy or overhanging trees or bushes, especially any that block the view of the home from the street.

– Appeal to the buyer’s sense of smell as this can enhance the prospective buyer’s walk-through experience and adding some simple pot-plants with pleasant smelling flowers, like lavender, can make a significant difference.

For homes with grass in the front yard, it is recommended to mow it at a higher setting so it looks neat and healthy.

Using a lower setting can scalp the lawn and expose sections of dirt which give a dirty appearance.

Of course the use of a lawn-colourant like Lawn Solutions Australia’s ColourGuard can create an instant- green to help present the property in the best light.

Other benefits of ColourGuard for the home lawn:

– ColourGuard instantly restores the natural green colour of grass – year round

– Substantially reduces watering needs and stays green during droughts and water restrictions – Is UV fade resistant and won’t bleed, run, or stain once absorbed into the grass

– Is organic and natural – no harmful chemicals and safe for the environment, pets and people – Works in extreme heat, cold and frost

– Reduces the amount of fertiliser and water used on lawns to achieve amazing results

– Can be simply applied by the home-owner as easy as applying a spray fertiliser

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