Lawn Bowls Results – Bundaberg

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Enjoy this week’s lawn bowls report, featuring results and news from clubs around the region.

Moore Park Beach


1st V. McMah, W. Campbell, L. Hofsetter
2nd T. Chippendale, L. Burnell Jones, J. Nowell
3rd D., Handley, C. Campbell, S. Nichols
4th I. Dickson, S. Bond, G. Kitson
5th T. Merritt, J. Hearn

1st D. Franklin, B. Klaassen, J. Noll
2nd H. Morton, T. Adams, L. Miles
3rd R. Chandler, B. Trudgian, F. Constable
4th T. Heath, J. Cannon, K. Gallagher
5th L. Donaldson, B. Parker, J. Mitzi

Competition Call:
A & B Pairs: Sunday 10 Jul: Robyn Chandler/Faye Constable v Adele McMahon/Lou Haggart
Sunday 10 Jul: Betty Klaassen/Glenda Smith v Dawn Franklin/Jenny Steemson.
Sunday 10 Jul: Crissy Strowger/Gail Job v Penny Fox/Maureen Carney

Sunday 17 Jul: Results of Chandler v McMahon v Bye
Sunday 17 Jul: Winner of (Klaassen V Franklin) v Winner of (Strowger v Fox).

Sunday 24 Jul: Semi Final.

Sunday 31 Jul: Final.

Saturday 11 June the McCracken Cup is on therefore no Social Bowls. They will recommence on Saturday 25 Jun.

Please check the notice boards for upcoming carnivals.
Also Please put your names up for upcoming Novice and B Grade Singles etc,
Pennant teams need names also.

Our next Ladies Luncheon will be held at the Tavern in Moore Park Beach on Wednesday 29th June please put your names on the board.


M. Sellman, J. Abel d. R. Greenwood, H. Morton
B. Patterson, B. Jones d. D. Mason, R. Barfield

R. Selfox, P. Figallo d. A. Massey, A. Strowger
C. Stallan, J. McKechnie d. S. Jackson, M. Jackson

R. Greenwood, H. Morton

L. Miles, G. Jackson d. G. Carson, B. Klaassen
B. Andrew, G. Job d. J. Stephens, D. Fox
C. Strowger, J. Figallo d. C. Jacobson, L. Haggart
B. Kitson, I. Dickson d. J. Mason, L. Kronk
C. Grace, G. Pritchard d. F. Petersen, N. Nunn
G. Smith, S. Seddon, M. Beaumont d. G. Hicks, K. Diamond, G. Gunn
B. Barrett, P. Collie d. J. Gaffney. T. Woodlock
S. Bond, S. Morton d. K. Bromley, D. Franklin
B. Trudgian, G. Kitson d. R. Kilpatrick, B. Parker

$50 DRAW
Bob Jones

C. Grace, B. Patterson, B. Andrew, G. Pritchard, C. Jacobson, D. Mason


G. Carson d. K. Bromley
M. Beaumont d. G. Gunn
A. Massey d. S. Morton


B Grade fours if available to play

Across the Waves Ladies

RESULTS Friday 10th June:
$400 Money Day sponsored by Argyle Gardens Retirement Village –
Winners – J.Killen, G.Weston, O.Hocking
1st Runners Up – K.Mason, T.Barns
2nd Runners Up – M.K.Mason, J.Dunn, K.Galvin
Sportsmen – C.Somerfield, M.Baker, R.Baker
Thanks everyone for your support. Lovely to see our southern visitors again.

NOMINATIONS FOR CONSISTENCY SINGLES are now open, closing and drawn on 17th June. First round to be played on 24th June.

SOCIAL BOWLS are played every Friday from 1pm. We welcome all bowlers, both men and women. Phone the clubhouse on 41 535 644 by 12.30pm if you would like a game. Green fees $10.

Bargara Bowls Club

Monday 6 th June – Turkey Pairs – Winners B. Gill & R. Bonke; runners up R. Tonkin & K.
Bayntun; 2 nd runners up B. Heness & L. Poulsen. Winners of First Game C. Bridges & B..
McDermott; Winners of Second Game H. Dingle & K. McLelland.
Tuesday 7 th June – Ladies Social Bowls – No Results.
Wednesday 8 th June – Open Pairs – Winners B. Watt & J. Grills; runners up D. Harding &
D. Brady. Sportsman’s L. Rogerson & M. Richardson; C. McNeilly & B. Ross.
Thursday 9 th June – Men’s Pairs – Winners M. Davies & J. Hadrick; runners up M. Kernick
& N. McNamara; 2 nd runners up B. McCarthy & J. Andrew; 3 rd runners up R. Monk & D.
Fielding; 4 th runners up J. Nowell & J. Bryant. Sportsman’s P. Barker & B. Hearn; A. Setter
& G. Hutchinson; R. Hoiberg & C. Hippisley; C. Groszmann & D. Raggart; J. Clay & R.
Saturday 11 th June – Men’s “B” Pairs Semi-Final R. Tonkin & L. Poulsen d F. Plant & B.
Coming Events: Mondays – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games
of 11 ends. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 pm Start.
Tuesday – Ladies Club Fours. 3 Games 13 ends Trial Ends 8.45am – Start 9am. Pay by
8.30 am. Ladies Social Bowls 12.30 Start Pay by 12 noon.
Wednesday 15 th June – Men’s “A” Pairs Final J. & C. Fehlberg v G. Cahill & M.Tonkin.
11am Start. Open Pairs. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 pm Start.
Thursdays – Men’s Pairs Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 Start.
Saturday 18 th June – Men’s “B” Pairs Semi-Final M. Richardson & B. McDermott v K. Cook
& R. Harvey. 12.30pm Start. McCracken Cup Bargara v A.T.W. Pm at Moore Park.
Sunday 19 th June – Men’s “B” Pairs Final 12.30 Start. McCracken Cup 3 rd Round and Final
at Bundaberg Club.
Sunday 26 th June – Super Sunday – Mixed Triples. 3 sets of 7 ends. Order of play rotates
every 7 ends. 12.30 pm Start. Find out more.

Bundaberg Bowls Club

Tuesday 7th June 2022. $420.00 Day sponsored by C C Electrical.
Samson Green:
Winners: J. Kemp, N. Hempsed, W. Seawright. Runners Up: H. McKinnon, B. McKinnon, P. Lovell. Sportspersons: S. Hucker, B. Fryer, M. Zacher.
Foundation Green:
Winners: A. Holt, R. Hoilberg, K. Baynton. Runners Up: K. Itzstein, H. Schmidt, C. Marcinkus. Sportspersons: J. Schluter, D. Ivins, E. Salvering.

Thursday 9th June:
Winners: M. Dick, G. Purches, T. Lincoln. Runners Up: S. Sparke, C. Marcinkus. Sportspersons: R. Chambers.

Saturday 11th June:
Winners: D. Petersen, D. Cooke, J. Cappetta. Sportspersons: V. Stewart, B. Fryer, R. Ribbans.

Competition Results:

Mens “B” Singles Final: M. Stumbles def R. Chambers.

Ladies Open Singles: M. Nicol def M. Zacher . ~ J. Jones def T. Salau ~ C. Marcinkus def K. Itzstein. ~ Semi Final: M. Nicol def C. Marcinkus.

Mens Open Triples: D. Petersen, D. Cooke, J. Cappetta def F. Dewhurst, R. Sydenham, T. Lincoln.

Selectors: Tuesday 14th June: R.Ribbans, S.Ribbans – Thursday 16th June: M. Nicol, J. Clough. – Saturday 18th June: – R. Ribbans.

Competition Call:

Thursday 16th June:

Ladies Open Singles Final: Joan Jones v M. Nicol. (Marker: C. Marcinkus)

Mens Open Triples: A. Holt, R. Chambers, J. Clough v F. Millerick, A. Edgerton, D. Harding.

Saturday 18th June:

Mens B Grade Pairs: B. McKinnon, F. Millerick v R. Bury, A. Edgerton.

Tuesday 21st June:

Mens B Grade Pairs: To be announced.

Saturday 25th June:

Mens B Grade Pairs Final.

Saturday 2nd July:

Mens Open Triples Final.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 14th June: $420.00 Day sponsored by Andy’s Fish and Chips Cafe.

Thursday 16th June: Social Bowls and Competitions. Start 1.00 p.m.

Sat/Sun 18/19th June: McCracken Cup venue Moore Park Beach. Semi Final and Final will be played at Bundaberg Bowls Club.

Team of 7: Singles: D. Cooke Pairs: R. Death, G. Mallett Fours: F. Dewhurst, R. Chambers, T. Lincoln, J. Clough.

Tuesday 21st June: Board of Management Meeting at 9.30 a.m. ( Please Note the early time) Social Bowls at 1.00 p.m.

Thursday 23rd June: $420.00 Day sponsored by Dr. Jai Eye Centre.

Thursday 30th June: $600.00 Day sponsored by Ross Gray Motor City.

Working Bee at 7 a.m. 13th June. Please Assist if you can.

Mens Pennant Teams are up on the White Board for 2022. If possible arrange games together when able to do so.

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