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Lawn Solutions Business Manager Simon Adermann shows off the newly-introduced-to-Australia Zeon Zoysia sample at the Turfgrass Conference last week.

Participating in the annual Australian Turfgrass Conference last week, Lawn Solutions Australia showcased their latest product offerings as well as their network of turf producers to some 300 delegates in attendance at the event.

The 31st Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition as it was known is hosted by the Australian Golf Superintendents’ Association (AGCSA) and was held over the week at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley.

This year’s conference had an international theme with a number of guest presenters from overseas, as well as split-stream education sessions appealing to both the Golf and Sports Turf sectors.

The Trade Exhibition forms the backbone of the conference week and the sell-out event impressed attendees with around 50 exhibitors on show. The Trade Exhibition, which is free to attend, attracted a further few hundred individual visitors over and above the conference delegates during the period, all eager to get a handle on the latest in golf and turf technology.

Lawn Solutions representatives were on hand at their display to assist with questions about their latest turf types, their national network of Turfgrowers, as well as the launch of their new turf-protectant and colourant product, Colourguard.

In an exclusive arrangement with the team behind their national turfgrass breeding program, Lawn Solutions Australia has introduced what it hopes will be a game changer when it comes to handling the vagaries of the harsh Australian climate, with their new Zeon Zoysia on display.

Speaking on the launch of the variety in Australia, Lawn Solutions Business Manager Simon Adermann says that Zeon Zoysia a perfect fit for their organisation and national network of turf growers.

Our Lawn Solutions professional turf producers now represents well over half of all turf production in Australia,” said Simon.

We are well represented in all states of Australia and our extensive breeding, genetic purity and quality assurance programs are now coming into place.

“There are a number of new varieties we are trialling around the country that will come into their own in golf and sports-turf facilities as well as domestic-use over coming years,” he says.

One of those grasses showing great promise Simon explains, is their new Zeon Zoysia, currently being installed on the 2016 Olympic Golf Course in Brazil, and being trialled in various locations and on-site situations throughout Australia.

We are hosting an international contingent of visitors for next year’s Turfgrass Conference and sponsoring one of the highest profile proponents of the new zoysias, Ken Magnam, former Manager of Grounds at the prestigious Atlanta Athletic Club in Georgia, USA.

Mr Magnum apparently has an interesting history with the turf-type and was one of the first superintendents to transition an entire course to this zoysia.

Ken says that Zeon Zoysia literally ‘changed his life’ and we are keen for him to share his story with Australia,” says Simon showing off just a small sample on display at the Hunter Trade Exhibition.

Explaining the Lawn Solutions Australia concept Simon says that primarily it’s all about turfgrass quality and consistency.

“We can offer specifiers, designers, planners and the end-user a superior consistency of product right around the country, and no other group comes close to this.

“Our grower-group brings together the collective wisdom, knowledge and best-practices of leading Australian turf producers, some of whom have 30-plus years’ experience in the industry.

And the Lawn Solutions Australia ‘house of brands’ made up of Sir Walter, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu, Platinum Zoysia, and RTF Fescue all come with an amazing ten year product warranty,” he also says.

The new products Adermann says, have been well received by those in attendance and he went on to thank the organisers for the exposure at the Turfgrass Conference as a valuable exercise for Lawn Solutions Australia and their network of growers.

“It’s been a terrific event, and we extend our appreciation to the AGCSA and everyone that’s put it together.

It’s been a great opportunity to showcase Lawn Solutions Australia, our growers and to introduce Zeon into the market, a variety we’ll see become a feature of turfgrass circles in coming years”.