Laying Turf in Winter

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Can you lay turf in Winter?

It is a popular question asked daily.

The answer is yes, and yes we can tell you how!

Fear of laying turf in winter should not be a thing, you can lay turf at any time of the year with the right knowledge and confidence.

Spring and Autumn provide the ultimate environment for root development and moisture retention where soil and air temperatures are at their peak for grasses during those seasons. Laying turf in Summer also has positives due to roots developing rapidly in the warm soil temperatures. The lawn area will mature in a very short period if sufficient moisture is provided. The negative of laying turf in summer is that you will need to water it several times a day to ensure moisture is retained in the turf and root zone.

Laying turf in winter means you will not have to water it several times a day like you would have to do during the other seasons of the year but it is still a good idea to ensure your turf is getting enough water.

Though the Victorian winter is daunting for us humans having to deal with the freezing mornings and rain all day, it ensures that your turf will require less irrigation and next to no risk of dehydration.

After Winter comes Spring and summer. During Spring, the turf has the whole season to mature and by summer the root system is able to handle the heat.

Soil conditioning is a must when laying turf but in winter, it is ironically speaking “a matter of life and death.” There are specific fertilisers made for turf during winter months.
Products like our are perfect to help bind the new turf into the soil and give your turf the best head start

You will also need to continue maintaining your new lawn by raking it gently, removing any weeds or dead leaves on the grass.