Line Marking Innovation hits NZ market

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Wonky lines and disproportioned fields are set to be a thing of the past with an innovative new line marking product now available around the country through Sports Turf company PGG Wrightson Turf. 

The new Turf Tank One Robotic Line Marker was on show for sports field contractors last month at the University of Otago Oval and is set to save operator time by marking fields up to 7 times faster while using 50% less paint.

The Danish-built product was due to be unveiled in New Zealand earlier in the year, however Covid-19 put a halt to those plans.

With an estimated 300 units already sold worldwide, it’s been a popular addition to sports fields especially in the United States with close to 50 units sold there since the lowering of lockdown restrictions across the country.

The robot itself shows similarities to a lawn mower body and is controlled by a tablet which coordinates the intended path via GPS monitoring and a mobile dedicated base station placed near the ground being marked.

The Turf Tank One in action at the PGG Wrightson Seeds Kimihia Research Centre

The Turf Tank One in action at the PGG Wrightson Seeds Kimihia Research Centre

Once the desired programme is set up, it only requires casual monitoring for health and safety purposes.

University Oval Head Groundsman Jayden Tohill estimated it would cut line marking time in half whilst being more precise to within 8 mm depending on ground speed and conditions.

The battery lasts 4-5 hours depending on the speed of marking and how much paint is being carried.

Developers are also in the process of increasing the tank size capacity from 10 L to 22 L to extend running times in between paint top ups.

The software features more than 45 different sports layouts and 10,000 possible combinations. While line marking, painting letters and numbers are standard features, logos can be sent to the head office in Denmark to be programmed into the software.

The Turf Tank One Robotic Line Marker is available exclusively through PGG Wrightson Turf; call 09 570 2750 or 03 966 9309, visit or for more information.”