Living Turf partner with WA Turf Pros

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Living Turf is pleased to announce it has joined forces with established WA turf professionals Danny Hambleton and Jeff Lane.

Danny and Jeff will join Living Turf with the intention of continuing their service to the Western Australian turf industry, now with the resources in people and unique market leading technology that Living Turf have amassed over the past 15 years.

I have known Danny and Jeff as industry colleagues for over 20 years, and have long dreamed of the opportunity for us to work together. There is a rapidly changing scene in the Specialty Product Supply Sector in the Australian Turf Industry, including numerous recent industry shifts that have emphasised a shared vision we have for our role in this industry, and brought this partnership to fruition.

Jeff and Danny will tidy up some personal commitments over the next week or so, before bouncing back into action with a renewed enthusiasm and passion for assisting their clients to produce excellent turf surfaces.

Living Turf is an Australian-owned distributor of professional turf products and services, with a reputation for agronomic expertise and in-depth ‘on the ground’ experience. This geographic expansion represents a major growth ring in the life of our business, with Western Australia being a sophisticated and innovative turf marketplace in its own right.

Our intention is to enable Danny and Jeff to continue their normal mode of operation while, over time, introducing them to products, services and digital tools that have become the trademark of Living Turf’s success to date.