Lockdown leaves the grass greener

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Gold Coast carpenter Alex Quinn used to wake up on a Saturday morning and stare forlornly at an overgrown lawn, but, like many others, he has discovered that mowing should not feel like a chore.

He said last year’s COVID-19 lockdown gave him time to invest in his home and he discovered there was pride in having manicured, green grass.

“I get joy out of mowing the lawn and looking back at it and going, ‘Wow, look how tidy that looks,’ he said.

The 26-year-old from Nerang has found his love of lawns through online communities that offer advice for beginners and experienced lawn enthusiasts.

“Every time I look at my lawn, I spot imperfections. Every time I mow it I want it to get better and better,” Mr Quinn said.

“There are expectations in my head — from looking at other people’s lawns on Facebook — and I go, ‘How do I get it to that stage?'”

Lawn enthusiasts strive for perfect stripes when they mow their grass.
                                                           Lawn enthusiasts strive for perfect stripes when they mow their grass.(Supplied: Lenny Lawler)

Social media brings lawn order

The rise in lawn pride can be seen on social media with enthusiasts posting photographs of their latest cut lawn, or “lawn porn” if you would rather.

Lenny Lawler lives at Mount Gravatt in Brisbane and founded a Facebook group in 2015 which now has almost 63,000 members.

He said the Australian Lawn Fanatics has grown like a fertilised lawn after spring rains.

“COVID hasn’t been bad for membership because a lot of people have been stuck at home.

“We try to, as a group, shy away from having a ‘who’s got the best lawn’ competition because it’s not about a competition, it’s about encouraging others.”

Mr Lawler quit his job working at the Brisbane wharves and now operates his own business, Lawn Rescue Squad, which helps people revive and care for their grass.

A restored cylinder mower on a front lawn.
                                                  Alex Quinn bought a restored cylinder mower to give his grass a more even cut.(Supplied: Alex Quinn)

He discovered his love of lawns while at his local sporting club.

“I was helping mowing the fields and marking the lines at a football club in Brisbane and I got bitten by the grass bug,” Mr Lawler said.

“Then I started trying to make my own lawn as nice as possible.

“To me it’s the feeling of pride when you drive down your street you can usually see a nice green lawn before you get to the house.”

He said he enjoyed helping novices begin their lawn journey and advised beginners to use chemicals that were safe for them and their grass.

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