LSA entering the Global Arena

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LSA has now entered the global arena – with our strong working relationship with our international partners – Georgia State University, The Turfgrass Group, Bladerunner Farms , ItGap, Texas A&M we want to show the Turf Producers International our footprint in Australia and our ongoing commitment to the turf industry.

We are the first in Australia to have the support and exclusive arrangements with the world’s leading plant breeders, and now for them to use our LSA R&D Facility as a sanctioned testing centre away from the USA. This is truly an industry break through to develop new grass cultivars with real points of difference that benefits the consumer. These new grass cultivars will be trialled and tested for Australian conditions and not like previously where old rehashed US varieties were released in Australia without any trials or testing to gauge climate adoptability.

It is LSA’s goal to continue supporting our US partners and building strong ties for the ongoing development of the LSA network in Australia.

LSA has secured the opportunity by way of sponsoring the Networking Lunch at the TPI Conference in Charlotte – North Carolina in February 2019. This is an opportunity to get in front of the Turf Producers International delegates to tell the Lawn Solutions Australia story.