LSA’s USA Study Tour: Day Three

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The largest Australian Turf Growers tour of the USA continued their trip today with a look at the world’s biggest turf breeding facility.

Apart from being one of the largest turf producers in Texas, Bladerunner Farms is also home to the largest privately owned Zoysia and Buffalo grass research and development centre.

Just outside of San Antonio, Bladerunner Farms host and owner; David Degout, turned on a real Texas experience for the visitors.

With some 3500 different varieties on his farm at various trial stages, the Aussies were able to get a first-hand look at the next traunch of new turf types likely to be released in coming years.

And with recent weather conditions  being the most severe in decades, there were some marked differences in appearance and performance of different varieties.

The visit was of enormous benefit offering Lawn Solutions members a greater understanding of the latest knowledge in turfgrass breeding, including a number of varieties soon to be released in Australia.

Two zoysia types in particular, already released to the US – Zeon and L1F have had a huge impact on the turf industry and the results at the farm were plainly evident.

Wrapping up the day was a Texas barbeque on the neighbouring ranch with some real-live cowboys putting on a show.

The group then moved on to the exclusive Briggs Ranch Golf Course where the Degout’s showed off the zeon zoysia tees and fairways.

So successful and economic has been the use of this variety that just after a few years they have already started plans to transition their second course.

The group moves interstate tomorrow to Atlanta Georgia for further investigation of turfgrass performance in different climatic conditions.

Pictured: The Lawn Solutions Australia USA Study Tour gets a first-hand feel of some of the newer zoysia varieties at Bladerunner Farms’ demonstration site.

More updates are to come as the tour progresses.

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