LSA’s USA Study Tour: Days Six & Seven

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Continuing on with the largest Australian Turf Grower Tour of the US, the Lawn Solutions Australia group moved into tourist-mode as they worked their way by bus from Atlanta towards their final destination of Orlando, Florida.

The group made a leisurely trip through the Georgian countryside and were treated to a stopover for lunch at the beautiful city of Savannah, where they had some time to take in some of the local culture.

It was then on to Jacksonville, Florida for an overnight stopover before departing Sunday morning for another day of tourist activities.

Members of the group then took some time out to tour through The Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

In what some described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience many of the group said how they had never seen anything quite of that magnitude.

Having joined the tour with the Australian growers, Lawn Solutions Australia ambassador, Landscape Gardener and TV gardening personality, Jason Hodges also had the chance to join growers on the space centre tour.

Speaking on his involvement with Lawn Solutions Australia, Jason explained how the trip to the US with the group was a terrific opportunity for him also.

“The launch of Lawn Solutions Australia is the biggest thing to happen to the Australian turf industry in years,” says Jason.

“LSA raises the bar and it will set a new standard, not only for the supply of quality turf products, but after-sales care.”

Part of that new standard, he explains, will also be fully understanding the processes involved in turf selection.

“One of the highlights for me is having been involved in the university visits,” he says.

“Prior to the trip I had no real idea on the breeding process. I thought it was simply; find a new grass, mow it up a few times and if it looked alright they’d sell it.

“I had no appreciation on the level of technology and work that went into it.

“To see these research centres with thousands of varieties – yet they’ve released just a handful of them in the last 20 years – it’s incredible what they do,” he says.

“I can understand what Lawn Solutions are working towards now with some of these new turf types and their release in Australia over coming years will have a huge impact,” Jason says, “and it’s exciting to be part of that.”

Following the visit to the space centre and some slight re-acclimatisation to almost Australian summer weather conditions, the group moved on with a short trip to Orlanda, Florida.

Pictured at the Kennedy Space Centre on their Lawn Solutions Australia trip are the Rogers Family; l-r Gavin, Marcus, Sue, Sasha and Joe with LSA ambassador Jason Hodges.

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