Making the switch to synthetic grass

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Having a lovely patch of green turf out the front of your home gives the property added curb appeal and increases its overall value.

However, maintaining a real lawn entails a lot of hard work and adds to the expense of running your household.

Luckily, fake grass is perfect for an easy-to-maintain lawn solution that looks great all-year-round in any weather. The best fake grass in Sydney comes in a wide variety of styles that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional as outdoor surfaces.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best reasons you ought to make the switch to fake grass.

1. No more mowing!
Let’s face it; unless you’re the owner of a landscaping business, you probably don’t enjoy mowing the lawn. It’s hot, sweaty and exposes you to UV sunlight, which is never a good idea without cumbersome sun protection.

2. Saves water
Another obvious benefit of making the switch to fake grass is that you won’t need to waste the most precious resource on earth; water, in order to maintain it.

3. Reduced dust and allergens
Another great reason to switch to fake grass is that you’ll eliminate the itchy eyes and stuffed noses that traditional lawns are liable to cause.

4. Minimal maintenance
With a faux lawn, the most maintenance you’ll ever have to do is some sweeping and hosing now and then.

5. Environmentally friendly
While it may sound strange, an artificial lawn is much better for the environment than a real one. This is because faux turf won’t require you to use petrol or electric powered tools in order to maintain it, meaning that you won’t output as many pollutants in the upkeep of your home.

6. Reduced heat and glare
In most cases, a properly installed artificial lawn will actually give off less heat than a real one.

7. A safe, even surface for children and pets
One of the best things about artificial lawns for modern homes is that they create a flat, even and soft surface that’s perfect for outdoor recreation. Whether chasing kids around the yard or playing fetch with your dog, a faux lawn provides you with an even and safe surface you can count on without any awkward or dangerous bumps.


8. Adds value to your property
As mentioned, the broad range of benefits that come with a faux lawn have made them very attractive to new home buyers. This is particularly true in today’s global economy where energy costs make routine landscaping and lawn maintenance more expensive than it ever was.

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