Miami Oval destroyed by hoons

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Primary school aged budding Gold Coast athletes have had their training disrupted after hoons ripped up their club grounds by doing burnouts.

Juniors aged five to 12 from Gold Coast Little Athletics turned up to training on Saturday to find their oval destroyed.

The facility at Pizzey Drive, Miami was covered in tyre marks and completely unusable.

It is believed it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage done by the hoons, who took down a fence to do burnouts on the grass.

Steve Langley, who coaches some of the kids at Gold Coast Little Athletics, said the club had been targeted by hoons in the past but never this bad.

An excavator will be called in to try and repair the damage. Photo: Supplied

“It’s the worst damage I’ve ever seen done to the field,” Mr Langley said.

“The marks were quite deep. We will have to get a truck and excavator in, and returf it, but turf isn’t going to grow at this time of year.”

The club’s main track was already closed for annual maintenance and won’t open for another month.

The athletes had been training in the middle of the field in the meantime, which was the area targeted for burnouts.

“The training must go on,” Mr Langley said.

The main track was already closed for maintenance. Photo: Supplied

Gold Coast Little Athletics is lobbying for a synthetic track which Mr Langley said would be the solution to their woes.

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