Mick Goodie on Eagle Farm

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Mick Goodie, brought in earlier this year by Racing Queensland to help with the Eagle Farm course-proper renovation, has no doubts the new track will, in time, do the job required of it.

In a revealing Radio TAB interview with Steve Hewlett last week, the former Flemington course manager said the biggest issue to get right is the sand profile, which requires a lot of attention and money.

“Sand profile is tricky if you don’t know them. They are expensive. That’s an issue everyone has to get their head around,” he said.

“It’s about having the money to do it. The money’s not a problem. That’s been sorted.

“They are hungry (with regards to fertiliser needs). What happens in sand, a lot of people want to put liquids on them. Sand needs a slow release fertiliser.”

Goodie said he hadn’t given consideration yet as to when the track might be ready.

“It will tell me,” he said.

“I understand the negativity. Just have some faith. It will get there.

“Once this gets up and running, this track will race Good (4) at its worse, most of its life. It will be similar to Flemington. It will drain well. It will always be in good nick.

“We’re starting to treat it like a racecourse. Not a bowling green. Sometimes you have to be brutal to be kind.

“When you do any renovation, you need to go really hard at them. Strip it right back. Virtually back to baldness.

“After you have two or three brutal renovations, your track will start to toughen right up. That will probably happen in about February.

“Even when it comes back it will have bad days, but the more oxygen and build-up of fertiliser in the thatch and profile, the better it will get.”

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